Named a “Best General Contractor”

H & H Builders was recently named a “Best General Contractor in Colorado” by General Contractors Magazine.

Recognized as a Best General Contractor in Colorado by General Contractors Magazine

The magazine stated that, “H & H Builders offers clients the benefit of over 50 years of combined experience in residential construction and design-build construction, including engineering and design/build remodeling.... The firm has earned many awards, including multiple CAREs throughout the years. H & H Builders was also included in Remodeling Magazine’s 2016 Big 50 list.”

Big 50 Remodeling Company

Recognized as Top 50 remodeling company in the country by Remodeling Magazine

H & H Builders was recognized as one of the top fifty remodeling companies in the United States by Remodeling Magazine. Read more about this prestigious industry award.

Colorado Awards for Remodeling Excellence (C.A.R.E.)**

Denver Home Remodeling Awards

Visit the Denver Home Remodeling Awards Gallery

2019 C.A.R.E Award for Additions
Best Addition under $150,000 ::   Attic Remodel & Addition, Irving Street, Denver

2016 C.A.R.E Award for Interior Remodel
Silver Award, Interior Remodel ::   Whole House Remodel, S. Madison Street, Denver

2015 C.A.R.E. Awards for Historic Remodel & Addition
2nd Place, Historic Remodel & Addition ::   Historic Remodel & Addition, S. Bannock Street, Denver
Honorable Mention, Bathroom Standard Remodel ::   Bathroom Remodel, S. Bannock Street, Denver

2013 C.A.R.E. Awards for Denver Whole House Remodeling & Golden, CO Additions
C.A.R.E. Project of the Year  ::   Whole House Remodel, University Hills, Denver
1st Place, Whole House Remodel  ::   Whole House Remodel, University Hills, Denver
2nd Place, Additions  ::   Addition & Remodel, Coal Creek Canyon, Golden

2012 C.A.R.E. Awards for Home Additions, Denver
2nd Place, Additions  ::   Whole House Remodel & Addition, North Longmont
Honorable Mention*, Additions  ::   Addition & Remodel, Wellshire, Denver

2010 C.A.R.E. Awards for Whole-House Remodel & Luxury Bathroom Remodel, Denver
1st Place Bathroom Luxury Remodel  ::   Whole-House Remodel, Haystack Mountain, Longmont (near Denver)
3rd Place, Additions  ::   Whole-House Remodel, Haystack Mountain, Longmont (near Denver)

2009 C.A.R.E. Awards for Historic Remodel and Bath Remodel, Denver
Honorable Mention*, Historic Remodel  ::   Historic House Remodel, Montclair (Denver) (Historic remodel)
Honorable Mention*, Bathroom Standard Remodel  ::   Historic House Remodel, Montclair (Denver) (Bath remodel)

2007 C.A.R.E. Award for Historic Remodel, Denver
1st Place, Historic remodel  ::   Historic Highland Remodel and Addition, Denver

2006 C.A.R.E. Awards for Green Remodel and Exterior Remodel
1st Place, Green Remodel  ::   Chautauqua Green Remodel, Boulder CO
2nd Place, Exterior Remodel  ::   Foothills Deck Addition, Boulder CO

2005 C.A.R.E. Awards for Denver Additions and Denver Remodel
1st Place, Exterior Remodel  ::   Bow-Mar Exterior Remodel, Littleton 
2nd Place, Specialty Basic Remodel  ::   Cherry Creek Balcony Addition (Denver)
2nd Place, Basement Luxury Remodel  ::   Basement Loft Remodel, Downtown Denver

2002 C.A.R.E. Awards for Interior Remodel, Denver
1st Place, Interior Remodel  ::   Westwood Estates Remodel, West Arvada

* Equivalent to 3rd Place

** The Colorado Awards for Remodeling Excellence (or C.A.R.E. Awards) is a contest showcasing the best remodeling projects in the state of Colorado. This annual contest is sponsored by the Remodelers Council of the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver ( It is the only blind juried contest exclusively dedicated to remodeling in Colorado. The judges typically include an architect, an experienced remodeler, a professional designer and a journalist who specializes in real estate or remodeling. Because it is a "blind" contest, the judges do not know before and during the contest, which companies built the projects that they are judging.