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Whole House Remodel & Addition

North Longmont, CO

Whole House Remodel & Addition

North Longmont, CO

2009 C.A.R.E. Award Winner

The problems:

Our client loved her 19th century vintage home, but the existing kitchen & dining room were closed off from each other so they felt cramped. The second floor had an unusable quasi-bedroom space between the sitting room and office. Although the house had a reasonable amount of square footage, it felt dark and constricted to our client.

The objectives:

  • Create a more spacious feeling on the first and second floor.
  • Combine the kitchen, dining room & hallway into a more unified space.
  • Blend the historic character of the dining space with the more modern looking kitchen.
  • Update and improve the layout of the second floor spaces.
  • Add closets and relocate washer and drier to the second floor.

The solutions:

  • Remove the load-bearing brick, chimney & fireplace wall between the dining room & kitchen.
  • Install an island with wine cooler & microwave for dining, serving and entertaining.
  • New posts and beams trimmed to blend the new with the historic while concealing utilities.
  • Vault the ceilings in the new sitting room & bedroom, creating more spacious feeling rooms.
  • Reconfigure walls to create two larger, mirrored, closets in the bedroom.
  • Open up the sitting room and stairwell by replacing a wall with a low bookcase & post.
  • Add a washer/drier closet at the second floor hallway.
  • Patch and refinish fir flooring to brighten and “shine” up the floors.

The results:

  • The kitchen and dining room are visually integrated, well loved, and well used.
  • The new interior trim and casework matched the original century old woodwork.
  • The combination of new and refinished wood floors creates a vintage yet warm & updated look.
  • Overall a more open and better lit interior, while keeping the home’s historic flavor.
  • The new laundry closet is more convenient and located closer to the master bed & bath.



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