Structural Remodeling—Home Remodeling Done Right

H & H Builders specializes in structural remodeling. We are experts at structural remodels. What does “structural remodeling” mean? In technical terms, structural remodeling is construction work done to modify an existing home (i.e., residential remodeling) that involves the repair, modification, removal or addition of one or more load bearing elements of the home. A load bearing element is typically a wall, post or foundation that supports a structural load.

Cherry Creek Denver structural remodeling job
Denver Residential Remodel in Cherry Creek
In this award-winning structural remodeling project,
the client added a Mediterranean-style balcony to their
Denver home.

A structural load is simply the weight of the “stuff” that is inside a house and the “stuff” that the house is built out of. Structural loads also include external forces that a house experiences during its useful lifetime. These external forces or loads come about because of wind, snow, water, soil pressure and more rarely earthquakes.

Structural Remodeling Protects the Homeowner

One of the main reasons that building codes have been written is to protect homeowners from badly performed structural work. This is because badly done structural remodeling (and new construction) puts the homeowner at great risk of harm to their person and possessions. In simpler terms, poorly done structural remodels can fall down or collapse, hurting the people that are in the home and damaging their house & possessions.

On the other hand when it is done well, structural remodeling can really improve a house. These improvements may include a more useable floor plan; a more open and spacious interior; brighter and more visually appealing interiors and exterior spaces; more living space; a more unified and coherent appearance and greatly improved functionality. By doing structural remodeling many of our Denver remodeling clients have really improved their homes and their lives. Please take a look at our portfolio most of the photos that you see on display involved structural remodeling.