Whole House Remodeling

Our Design/Build process is available in these six areas.

Whole-House Remodeling

A whole-house remodel might be a better option than moving.

We spend so much of our time in our homes—especially our free time, when we want to relax and unwind. For a host of reasons, your home may not be as restful as you’d like:

  • awkward floor plan
  • inefficient kitchen layout
  • cramped bedrooms
  • outdated bathrooms
  • no master bathroom
  • small closets
  • ceilings too low
  • dark rooms
  • no place to work from home
  • no place for the kids to play
  • not enough garage space


You could sell your home and move—but what if you like your neighborhood, or don’t want to move farther away from family, work, or your favorite outdoor spots? A whole-house remodel can give you many of the benefits of a custom home without leaving your current location!

Our design-build process is ideal for whole-house remodeling.

H & H Builders uses a design-build process that integrates the planning, budgeting, design, and construction of your whole-house remodel under one in-house team.

First, we’ll listen to the difficulties you have with your home and your vision for its transformation. After setting a budget for your remodeling project, we’ll begin designing with your budget in view, considering your entire home, inside and out. Because of our design and construction experience, we often have ideas for your space that you would not think of on your own.

We recommend maximizing the use of your existing space by remodeling your home’s interior before adding on to your home; this stretches your budget and gives you the most bang for your remodeling buck. But H & H Builders, as the only Denver-area residential remodeler owned by a structural engineer, also has the expertise to build an addition or a popup second or third story.

The design-build process enables us to streamline construction of your remodel. If you’d like to learn how this works, call us at (303) 450-7006 to schedule an appointment.

Because a whole-house remodel (obviously) affects your whole house, we aim to make the process as quick and painless as possible. One of our home remodeling clients felt comfortable enough to leave the country for six weeks on an extended vacation during much of their whole-house remodel, but not everyone can do that. More often, we’ll stage a whole-house remodeling project to minimize disruption to your daily life.

For example, one client wanted a second-story master suite addition as well as a complete makeover of the main living area on the first floor. We built the second-story addition first, and the client and her daughter were able to stay in that new space while the remaining work was completed.

We’ve delivered many spectacular whole-house remodeling projects on time and on budget—your home could be next!

Check out these award-winning remodeling projects in Longmont and South Madison Street in Denver.

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