Custom Home Remodeling—Get Your Dream Home Now!

When you think about your home does it feel like most of the main living areas in your house are just not right for you and your family? Your bedroom may be too small or has an awkward floor plan. Your kitchen may be badly laid out with dark work areas. There may be no place where you enjoy eating a meal by yourself or with your friends and family. Your back yard may not be visible or is difficult to access from the inside of your house.

Denver whole house remodel project
Denver Whole-House Remodeling Done Right

Ever hear horror stories about how aggravating and drawn out a whole-house remodeling project can turn out to be? H & H Builders, an award-winning residential remodeling contractor, has a reputation for not only producing top-quality work, but also for high integrity, making the process as painless and speedy as possible. One home remodeling client was even able to leave the country without qualms during much of their whole-house remodel.

"We took off for six weeks at the beginning of the project to walk a pilgrimage road in Europe. We left H & H Builders in charge-with our keys and seven blank checks. We were impressed with their service, trustworthiness, and first-class workmanship."
– Elyn Aviva and Gary White, Homeowners

Closets might be small, cramped or non-existent. Your bathrooms may be outdated, worn down, uncomfortable to use, or just plain ugly. Ceilings may be too low or too high. Windows may be in the wrong places, too small or non-existent. There may be no place to work at home. There may be no place for your kids to play or for you to get away from your kids. Your garage might be too small for your vehicles or hard to get to from your house. If many of these thoughts and “maybes” occur to you while thinking about your house then you might be ready for a whole house remodel.

While designing a whole house remodel we consider your entire home inside and out as a blank slate. H & H designers will consider all of your needs and wishes and try to develop a plan that transforms your home into a place that really feels like a great place for you and your family to live. Like the description implies a whole house remodel is a project that affects most of the interior living space in a home and often includes adding on new living space.

Because of our experience and skills we can develop ideas and plans that you would not think of on your own. We always try to maximize your use of existing spaces by remodeling your home’s interior before we build new space. This outlook will stretch your budget and give you the most bang for your remodeling buck. A whole house remodel a great way to give yourself a new custom home without selling your existing house and moving to a new location.

Stage Your House Remodeling Project to Minimize Disruption

Sometimes, complete home remodeling takes place in stages. Another Denver client desired a 2nd story addition, enlarged rooms, garage, and rearranged floor plan on the first floor, as well as new driveway and patios. H & H Builders first built the second floor addition—a large master suite with office and exercise room. The client and her daughter were able to move into the new upstairs while the rest of the work was completed. Thus their lives were not turned upside-down during construction.

This well-maintained but modest family home underwent a complete transformation, from compact to spacious and glamorous. Even though the house footprint didn’t change, the delightful and usable space doubled the ease and enjoyment of the home.

No matter how you phase your custom whole-home remodel, H & H Builders will give your house a new lease on life, on time, on budget, and with minimal surprises.