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Basement Loft Remodel

Denver, CO

Basement Loft Remodel

Denver, CO

C.A.R.E. Award Winner :: 2005

This 5,100 square foot basement was, in our client’s words, “mundane and unexciting.” It had served as many things – from a storage space to a Buddhist temple – but it had never been used as a residence; our remodel had to include functional necessities as well as high-end style. We cut into the 14-inch concrete slab flooring to install plumbing that would support multiple luxury bathrooms, a steam room, and a high-functioning kitchen, and we installed primary heating and sprinkler systems for safety and comfort. Once the infrastructure was complete, we built curved walls in a unique, serpentine layout to add softness to the rectilinear space, create long, visual sight lines, and deemphasize the multitude of concrete support columns. We left two feet of open space between the ceiling and most partition walls, keeping a sense of openness and maximizing the available natural light. The finished loft is a showcase of modern-oriental fusion design that features shoji screens; stained, concrete flooring; painted pipes; a distinctive granite countertop; and stainless steel, restaurant-style cabinets and appliances.

“H & H Builders were consummate professionals. They provided high quality service, transparent pricing, thorough preconstruction, and exceptional communication. They kept the worksite clean. They handled themselves with the utmost integrity. They worked well with my architect, and they were also successful in the design work they did independently. I’ve worked with a variety of contractors, and H & H Builders is by far the best.”

-T. W., Homeowner

2015 - Present

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