Additions & Popups

The desire for home additions and popups relates to a strong inclination to stay in your home. You probably love the neighborhood, cherish a particular view (which is not being fully utilized), or just have too many people living in a postage-stamp-sized house.

Additions & Popups Create Structural Remodeling Challenges

Home additions remodeling and popups are among the most challenging projects, because the structural integrity of the house is almost always being challenged. Adding a second story, or creating a home addition bigger than the original house, means walls and foundations may need considerable shoring up to accommodate the new loads on them. Even adding a room to the back of the house means an exterior wall must be breached with at least a doorway, if not an entire wall to open up the space.

The good news for clients of H & H Builders is that John Happel, being a structural engineer, truly relishes these kind of challenges! “I’ve never met a structural problem I couldn’t solve,” he says. “That’s what makes it fun.”—and he’s smiling when he says it!

Home Additions, Room Additions & More

If you want to add a room, H & H Builders is here for you. H & H Builders has designed and constructed all types of room additions include family rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, baths, and garages. They even constructed an elaborate three-story deck for a home perched on the hillside near Boulder. The magnificent views were seldom enjoyed due to the cramped, closed-in nature of the original deck. The client says, “The experience with H & H was very positive. They did exactly what they said they'd do at a high level of quality and integrity. We use our deck a lot more now. It's become a favorite thing to sit around the fire pit with friends and family and enjoy the view.”

A big priority for H & H Builders is that the client be aware of the true cost of the project before the design is finished. To add a room or popup is a major investment in your home, and you’d like to make sure what you get for your money matches your dream as closely as possible. H & H helps clients manage expectations for the home addition project all along the way, while continuing to produce beautiful, quality results you can be proud of!