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Addition & Remodel

Wellshire, Denver

Addition & Remodel

Wellshire, Denver

2012 C.A.R.E. Award Winner

As her daughter was approaching her teenage years, our client wanted to enlarge and upgrade their home. She also wanted to have a more private space for herself and a more comfortable interior for both her and her daughter.

We built our client a new master bedroom suite above both her existing home and a new first floor family room. Her new second floor includes a covered balcony, master bedroom, master bath & closet, sitting area and exercise/office room. The first floor of the new addition includes a family room with fireplace, dining area, private bath and larger bedroom for her daughter.

The existing kitchen was opened up to the new addition with a new dining bar built between the kitchen and family room. A new front entry, larger garage and new siding & trim details dress up the front of her home. We also added two patios at the rear of the home. We did this as a two phase project so that they could continue to live in her home throughout construction. During the first phase we completed her new master bedroom which she and her daughter then moved into while we finished the second phase. Project completed in July 2009. Denver.


“This remodel project was the smartest thing that I have ever done as a residential home owner.”

– Dr. C. C., Homeowner



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