Additions & Popups

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Additions & Popups

Some issues with our homes make us think that the only solution is to sell and move on. But you’d love to stay in your home, perhaps because:

  • It’s in a great neighborhood.
  • You’re so comfortable in it (…if only there were more space!).
  • It’s close to family / your favorite outdoor spots / work.

If you’ve outgrown the available space in your home, you don’t have to move. With an addition or popup (adding a second or third story) from H & H Builders, you can stay right where you are!

H & H Builders can meet the structural challenges of additions and popups.
Additions and popups remodeling almost always presents challenges in terms of maintaining the structural integrity of a home. For example:

  • A new second story or a large home addition requires walls and foundations to be shored up to accommodate new loads.
  • Adding a room to the back of a house requires an exterior wall to be breached and a new wall or doorway installed.

Fortunately, H & H Builders happens to be the only Denver-area residential remodeling company owned by a structural engineer. Owner John Happel relishes these kinds of challenges! “I’ve never met a structural problem I couldn’t solve,” he says.

Our Design–Build process ensures the best use of your budget.
Adding a room or a popup to your home is a major investment. You don’t want to spend money on plans that you can’t afford to build or have costs balloon after construction has begun.

In our Design-Build process, we first discuss what you’d like to do to your home, then set a budget range with you and design your remodel with that budget in view. Time after time, our process produces additions and popups that come in on time, on budget, and exceed expectations!

H & H Builders has designed and constructed nearly any kind of room additions you can imagine, including family rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, decks, and garages.

Check out the award-winning three-story deck addition we built for a client near Boulder. The home was in a magnificent setting, but the original deck was dark and cramped. Now their deck is their favorite entertaining space!

Check out some of our Additions & Popups:

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