Whole-House Remodeling

Our Design/Build process is available in these six areas.

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, the place where family gathers for sustenance of all kinds, but many kitchens are plagued by:

  • a lack of storage,
  • a lack of counter space,
  • feeling cramped or enclosed,
  • no space to eat or entertain, or
  • a lack of light.

With a well-designed kitchen remodel, we can remedy these things using a host of solutions, including:

  • redesigning the layout of your kitchen to maximize efficiency and storage,
  • connecting your kitchen to the rest of your living space, and
  • adding windows or skylights.

When the heart of your home is worn out from years of use, a kitchen remodel can revitalize your whole house!

Opening up your kitchen space will most likely involve structural changes.

Kitchen remodeling or renovation may involve pushing back walls or borrowing space from nearby less-used dining or living areas. As the only Denver-area residential remodeling company owned by a structural engineer, H & H Builders is uniquely equipped to meet the challenges of reimagining your kitchen.

Our design-build remodeling process makes the most of your budget.

When you work with H & H Builders, our design-build process integrates planning, budgeting, design, and construction under one in-house team. After discussing your vision for your kitchen, we’ll determine your budget range and dive into the design process with your budget in view. This process allows us to deliver spectacular results on time and on budget, again and again!

H & H Builders can meet special requirements for kitchen renovations.

These days, many people are interested in sustainability and energy efficiency. Others have accessible kitchen requirements, such as features that accommodate wheelchair users. H & H Builders has received multiple C.A.R.E. honors (Colorado Awards for Remodeling Excellence) for just such kitchen remodeling projects. As one of Denver’s leading kitchen remodel contractors, we’ve built award-winning accessible and green kitchen renovations. As one of Denver’s leading kitchen remodel contractors, we take extra care to ensure that what we propose for your new kitchen not only fulfills your needs, but also fits in your kitchen remodel budget.

Check out these H & H Builders kitchen remodels in Denver, Broomfield, and Lakewood or this award-winning green remodel in Boulder!

Your Kitchen Remodel

Congratulations on your decision to rejuvenate the heart of your home—your kitchen! Call us today to discuss the possibility of starting your beautiful kitchen remodeling design!

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