Bath Remodel - Montclair, Denver

C.A.R.E. Award Winner :: 2009

The problems:

Our client loved her 19th century vintage home, but the existing second floor bathroom was badly laid out and very dated. The bathroom felt cramped and ugly. The objectives:
  • Create a more spacious feeling in the bathroom.
  • Update and improve the layout of the bathroom.
  • Update the fixtures and interior surfaces.
  • Blend the historic character of the second floor with a more modern looking bathroom.

The solutions:
  • Remove all existing fixtures.
  • Relocate several walls to increase useable floor space in bathroom.
  • Replace existing tub with new larger corner shower.
  • Install two new vanities and lav sinks to create sleek, modern look and allow for simultaneous "his" and "her" sink use.
  • Install new linen closet in more functional location.
  • Tile floors and walls with modern glass tile.
  • Add and upgrade lights to brighten the space.
  • Re-use an existing period door as well as a new toilet with a traditional look to create a transition between the classic character of the remodeled second floor and the contemporary look of the new bathroom.

The results:
  • The remodeled bathroom is a pleasure to use.
  • Client loves the bright new look of the bathroom.
  • The shower improves our client's bathing experience. (She hated the old tub).
  • New toilet, shower and lav faucets are low flow fixtures using less water than old ones.