Lake Valley Remodel - Boulder County

This extensive, whole-house remodel and basement refinish came with a unique challenge: the homeowners had just closed on the house two weeks prior to the start of the job, and they were out of the country for a significant portion of the project. The time crunch between possession of the house and the project start date required meticulous preconstruction and a great deal of on-the-fly decision making. We worked closely with the homeowners before their departure and collaborated with their interior designer, Maxine Kyser, to make sure that our work fulfilled the absent homeowners' vision.

The new interior features colored Italian plaster that makes a dramatic change to the look and feel of the space. In the kitchen, we installed frameless cabinets and granite countertops to update and simplify the lines of the room. Maple flooring and new metal railings complete the clean, open style of the interior. We upgraded the plumbing in each bathroom and installed a luxurious steam shower. One complication was that the home's basement had been "finished" by the previous owner-with low-grade materials and without a permit. We gave the basement a professional renovation and finished it off with sophisticated cable lights. Thanks in large part to Elyn and Gary's choices and to Maxine's hard work, the house is now a unified and inviting space that fits its owners beautifully.

"We took off for six weeks at the beginning of the project to walk a pilgrimage road in Europe. We left H & H Builders in charge-with our keys and seven blank checks. We were impressed with their service, trustworthiness, and first-class workmanship. At our request, they bent over backwards to make sure that their use of toxic chemicals was minimal. They had a great synergy with our interior designer. Everyone who comes into our house just thinks it's gorgeous-and so comfortable. We enjoy every day that we're living here."

-Elyn Aviva and Gary White, Homeowners