Kitchen Remodel -
Broomfield, Colorado

Ellen and Paul had been wanting a new, larger, more functional and more open kitchen since the day that they purchased their home. Her desire for a better cooking and dining space increased with the arrival of several children into the family. The original kitchen was dark, dated, and cramped, cutting off the dining room rest of the house. Harsh lighting and limited counter space detracted significantly from the kitchen's functionality. Although there was an existing dining peninsula it was located in the hallway between the front and back of their home creating an uncomfortable place to sit next to a high traffic zone.

H & H Builders designed a new kitchen that was opened up to the dining room. A new island was installed along the center of the kitchen, providing a more comfortable place to cook and dine. Cabinets were added in multiple locations. By using dark finishes on the base cabinets and a bright white finish on the wall cabinets a striking and appealing "modern look" was created. The functional countertop area was enlarged considerably with new stone tops. Lots of light was added by removing walls and adding multiple light fixtures. This makes the makes the new kitchen spacious and cheery. The newly remodeled kitchen is also bright, updated and has a great layout.

Their remodeled kitchen is a huge improvement over the old one and has definitely improved the lives of our clients.

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