Kitchen Remodel with multiple counter heights -
Huntington Heights, Arvada

This family (mom, dad & triplets) invited us to help them update, upgrade, and expand the kitchen in their home. Mom loves to cook, but she could barely move in her small cramped and badly lit kitchen. She also felt cut off from her family by the walls and narrow doors that separated the kitchen from the family and dining rooms.

We removed or relocated several walls and built a dynamic, curved interior wall with a window in it. The new window presents a great view of the front range for the cook, family and guests to enjoy when they are in their new kitchen.

This remodel is a great example of the possibilities of “adding space” without actually increasing the existing footprint of a home. We used many design features to increase the useable space including a new pocket, French door between the kitchen and family room. New cabinets, pantry, sinks, appliances, and granite countertops gave the kitchen a sense of style and continuity. The kitchen featured a special baking center with a lowered countertop. The finished kitchen also included beautiful Wilsonart flooring and a new sliding glass door. The kitchen area went from being the worst room in the house to the best.