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Remodel Garden West Park

Littleton, CO

Remodel Garden West Park

Littleton, CO

These owners approached us with a common problem: their small home felt cramped instead of cozy. The rooms were small, the ceilings were low, and the aging kitchen could barely accommodate a single person. Our client especially disliked the small kitchen that was cut off from the adjacent dining and living room by walls. The only access between the kitchen and these rooms were two small doors.

In a little over a month, we transformed their kitchen, living, and dining areas. We removed the walls and doors between the living and dining areas. The low ceiling was also removed. The result was to create a new sense of spaciousness within a limited footprint. We installed several structural support beams and posts in order to support the new ceiling and existing roof structure. The new ceiling at 10′ was 2’ above the level of the old ceiling, thereby creating several new feet of vertical space.

We revitalized the kitchen with new cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and appliances; and we made it more useful, adding an island and space for snacking and quick meals. The kitchen area was tiled. The new tile was also installed on the living room side of the kitchen dining bar. This provided a visual link between the living area and kitchen areas.

The remodeled kitchen was a dramatic improvement, opening up the physical and visual space and adding height and light to the room. The clients were so pleased, they brought us back a year later to remodel three bathrooms, a wall of hall cabinets, a bar area, and several closets.

In the master bathroom we removed a poorly laid out and leaky shower and installed a new, modern, gleaming, water-tight shower. We also added lights to the bathroom and hallways in order to illuminate and brighten up the newly remodeled areas.

Our client told us several years later, that when she decided to move, our remodeling work was what sold her house in less than a month.

“We couldn’t have asked for anything better in terms of quality. I’m a very fussy person, and they were excellent. John brought together my goals with good ideas that helped us stay on budget. From setting up our temporary kitchen to cleaning up at the end of every day-the workers in our house were the nicest, most polite people. They took the job personally, as if they were working on their own house. It turned out so beautifully that we had neighbors staring through our windows.”

-Mary Mattison, Homeowner


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