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Accessible Remodel & Addition

North Boulder, CO

Accessible Remodel & Addition

North Boulder, CO

Because of the occasional use of a wheelchair in this home, this project went well beyond a cosmetic remodel. Our goals included an update to the kitchen, but they also involved significant structural changes to walls, floor levels, and entrances in order to improve the accessibility and convenience of the space.

We removed most of the existing back wall of the house which separated the atrium area from the living room. A new structural glue-lam beam was installed to support the second story and roof above the new opening. The beam is a striking design element as well as serving a very functional purpose. The living room became much brighter and more connected visually to the back yard. This had the effect of increasing the feeling of space without the expense of building an addition.

We created a more unobstructed layout, adding an entry ramp and leveling surfaces throughout the main floor of the house and across exterior decking. We took down several other walls and opened up doorways, simultaneously providing a better look and more maneuvering room throughout the main floor.

The kitchen became more connected to the living room and much more maneuverable for a wheelchair. The project incorporated practicality and luxury, including the installation of all new oak floors, Corian countertops, new appliances and cabinets, a new roof, and some replacement windows. The striking results prove that style doesn’t have to be sacrificed for functionality and shows that an accessible remodeling project can be beautiful.

“H & H Builders is a well-organized company that does quality work. Things are discussed and well-documented, which avoids misunderstandings. They are really good at evaluating the total extent of the job from the very beginning. They made me confident that they could do the job well; I had a good experience, and my house looks beautiful.”

– M.K., Homeowner



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