What is residential design-build remodeling?

H & H Builders LLC is a design build company specializing in residential design-build remodeling and residential design-build construction. The design-build process begins with our first contact with you. We want to explore several things. First, what do you want to do to improve your home? Second, what price range are you thinking about? Third, since design-build is a team effort, is our design-build company a good match for you? This initial conversation helps you to begin to determine what is realistic: that is, by working with us as your design-build company, can you get the home remodeling results you want for the amount of money you want to spend? In our experience, this approach can eliminate a great deal of uncertainty and disappointment for a homeowner, who may pay for designs or plans that translate into home construction costs far beyond what they wanted to spend.

Design-build construction requires a relatively small initial investment for the design and budgeting process. There are several benefits to this approach. First, you have another opportunity to decide if we are a good match, before making a commitment to the larger home remodeling contract to build your project. Second, you can evaluate the initial design concepts for home remodeling before proceeding to fully detailed construction drawings and the permitting process. Third, we usually split the design/architectural and engineering fees into two parts, both to save money and to clarify everyone’s understanding of your remodeling project. This allows us to develop cost-effective options and a realistic budget before moving forward with final designs and plans.

By trying to match your dreams with your budget from the get-go, we can more quickly arrive at a build-able solution, or make adjustments before home remodeling construction begins. With our skill and experience in combing design with building, we are able to suggest alternatives that can integrate what is really important to you, while staying within your desired price range, for a beautiful outcome.

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