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Historic Remodeling (What's Old is New)

If you own an historic home in the Denver metro area, you may be driven by a desire to preserve your beloved home’s history and character while modernizing some key features, especially in those hard-working kitchen and bathroom areas. Where to begin? As an award-winning Denver builder, we specialize in historic remodeling and in meeting the requirements of historically accurate home renovations, including the nuances of permitting and working with local preservation entities, so you are not alone. We pay attention to reconciling historic authenticity with current building codes, during both the planning and residential construction phases. Our response to these design-build challenges has resulted in awards in this category, but more importantly to us, in your enhanced value and enjoyment of your improved home. Call us today, before your home is even more historic!


Denver Additions (Got Space?)

Your home may be just where you want it to be (great neighborhood, good schools), but you need more space. Perhaps you are adding a new family member, or it’s time for that dreamy master bedroom, or you need an in-law suite, complete with bathroom and kitchen areas. There are so many options to think about! Maybe you’ve considered moving to a larger house, or you’ve done a  thorough cleaning and de-cluttering in search of more useable space. Perhaps your home would benefit from a whole house remodel by a Denver residential construction company. That is, a total redesign for better use of space within the existing interior walls. An interior remodel may involve relocating interior walls, resulting in a more functional design and layout for most every room in the house, including living areas, bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms. If you have considered all these options, and still need more space, we have extensive experience in designing and building additions, whether on-grade, pop-up, or second (or third) floor. If you want your home addition to blend with or complement your existing home while adding that much-needed space, call us to get started.

Structural Remodeling (Stands Up)

Are you thinking of adding a room? Taking down a wall? Adding another story? This is so different from a cosmetic or light remodel, or a pull-and-replace remodel, where chances are the structural integrity of your home is not affected, since your home was (hopefully) designed to bear up under these situations. However, for a room addition, removing a wall (or ceiling) to open up a room or borrow space from a little-used area, or adding a second (or third) floor, you will likely need a structural remodel. What is this? A structural remodel is one in which the builder addresses the ability of your home to carry new, relocated, and/or additional loads created by adding onto or changing its structure. The load-bearing capability of your home is factored into the design and construction of your project from the very start. To do this well, you need a good Denver design-build contractor. As the only Denver residential construction company owned by a structural engineer, we are the leading Denver design-build remodeling contractor. New or added structural members will need to be incorporated into the overall design, and preferably well hidden in the resulting addition or remodel. Call us: as a leading Denver builder, we can help create a stand-out home that stands up!

Let's Get Started with your Denver Design-Build Remodel!

When you begin to think about remodeling the home you’re in, so many questions come up! And each one is worth considering:

WHAT type of remodeling do you want to do? Will the contractor remodel a whole house, finish a basement or an attic? Put an addition on the back or side of your home, or “pop the top”? Does your kitchen or bathroom need a remodel after years of hard use? Or maybe you have a need to update a Denver-area historic home while preserving its character. We can help with all of these types of Denver residential remodeling projects, using our residential design-build process.

WHERE do you live? We work in the Denver Colorado metro area. Call us: if you are outside our Denver metro service area, we may be able to refer you to a reputable builder or contractor near you.

WHY do you want to remodel (or add on to) your home? Perhaps your family is expanding, or some special needs have emerged, requiring an accessible remodel. Maybe the original layout of your home just doesn’t match the way you want to live, and an interior remodel with a new floor plan would work wonders. As a leading Denver residential builder, we can help with your residential design-build process.

WHEN are you thinking of getting started with your residential construction? The planning stages of a design-build remodel, as well as permitting and material ordering, can take weeks to months in Denver and the surrounding communities, depending on the size of your project. Do you want the builder to have the remodel or addition completed by a certain date, for a holiday or special event? (By the way, we do our residential remodeling work year round.)

HOW LONG will it take? This depends on the size and scope of your remodeling project, so it may be a matter of weeks, or months. You may have to wait awhile until everything is ready to go, but once we start on your residential remodel, we work every day, Monday through Friday, until it is complete, except for holidays and extremely bad weather. Our many highly satisfied Denver remodeling customers would testify that we are a Denver builder that you can count on!

HOW MUCH will your residential construction cost? The million-dollar question everyone in Denver has for their builder, and the answer, of course, is, “it depends”. As your contractor, we work hard in the design-build remodeling process to match your needs, wants, and wishes to how much you want to invest in your residential construction. For some ideas on what typical Denver remodeling projects can cost, follow this link:

WHO are you? Are you a busy responsible professional? Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Somewhere in the middle? Most of our clients want a fairly painless full-service professional remodeling experience from their builder, with beautiful results. A few of our clients want to put some of their own energy into the project, usually in some area in which they have skills or experience. We can usually work with this idea, but know that our projects are tightly scheduled. Can you keep up?

More questions about design-build remodeling? Call us to discuss your residential remodeling project. As your local Denver builder, we look forward to hearing from you!

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