Accessible Remodeling

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Accessible Remodeling

Accessible remodeling makes homes easier to live in.

For someone who uses a wheelchair to move from room to room, navigating a typical doorway opening may pose a significant challenge. For someone with joint pain or poor balance, a shower door or curb may be an obstacle or even a hazard.

Accessible remodeling can revolutionize your home life by meeting these and many other needs. Of course, we can handle the construction of your remodel—but in addition, because of our Design-Build remodeling process, we can also be your partner in designing solutions for the issues in your home!

Accessible remodeling tackles two main categories of challenges:

  1. Accessible remodeling makes homes easier to use for clients with disabilities, or
  2. Accessible remodeling makes changes that accommodate homeowners’ needs as they get older (also known as “aging in place” remodeling).

Accessible remodeling aims to meet the current needs of a home’s inhabitants. Aging in place, however, anticipates the future needs of homeowners as they age, allowing them to remain in their home safely, comfortably, and independently.

Our accessible remodeling process:

Whether your needs are for accessible or aging-in-place remodeling, we’ll begin by assessing the condition of your home and comparing it with the particular needs of those in your household. Then, we’ll work with you to develop a plan for remodeling the home so that you can go about your daily life as smoothly as possible.

We’ll look at things like:

  • Ensuring you can get in and out of your home with grace and ease,
  • Enabling you to use your kitchen and dining area to cook and eat,
  • Making provisions so that you can take care of personal hygiene and dress,
  • Making it easier to get around the house,
  • Enhancing your ability to socialize with family and friends, and
  • Accommodating any other functions of daily living.

You deserve a home that meets the needs of everyone in your family. Working together with H & H Builders, you can make it happen!

H & H Builders is a Certified Aging In Place (CAPS) remodeling company. To learn more about the CAPS certification, visit our Credentials page.  Accessible remodeling and CAPS remodeling both ensure that your home is much more livable!

You can especially see dramatic improvements in the bathroom. With our accessible remodeling process, your bathtubs and showers can be made easy to get in and out of, easy to use, and safe to access. There are so many options for home modifications and improvements. Call us today to discuss the possibilities.

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