Design/Build: A Better Way to Remodel

One Unified Team for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

An award-winning den addition in University Hills

H & H Builders specializes in Design/Build remodeling—which means we handle the design, engineering, and construction of your project in-house.

Our Design/Build process gives you two huge advantages in transforming your Denver-area home:

  1. Design/Build takes care of your budget.
  2. Design/Build gives you a team to work with.

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Design/Build Saves You Money

The traditional remodeling process starts with hiring an architect and getting multiple contractors to bid on building the plans.

Bids on the architect’s plans often come back 2 or 3 times higher than expected—leaving you with a great design you can’t afford to build.

When you work with H & H Builders, we’ll start by discussing your goals and budget—and then design with your budget in mind. There are few surprises or hiccups in building, because your remodel was designed with construction in view.

A two-story addition in Denver
Kitchen remodel—part of the same two-story addition

Design/Build Gives You a Team

The traditional way of remodeling forces many homeowners to serve as go-between for design, engineering, and building firms.

With our Design/Build method, everyone works together to find creative, cost-effective solutions—saving you time, money, and a whole lot of stress.

The result? You can relax—you’re always in the loop, and your project gets finished on time and on budget. 

What to Expect in a Design/Build Remodel

BEFORE: A dark Denver attic before a dormer addition and remodel
AFTER: The same attic after adding three dormers and remodeling

Here’s how our Design/Build process works:

  1. Plan: What difficulties do you have with your home? What dreams do you have for it? Together, we’ll reimagine your space.
  2. Budget: By setting a budget early in the process, we ensure that you can build what we envision together in the design phase.
  3. Design: Because of our design and construction experience, we often have creative solutions you wouldn’t think of on your own.
  4. Build: We make your ideas a reality—transforming your home and improving your life!

Our goal is to finish your remodel as quickly and painlessly as possible. We’ll stage your project to minimize disruptions to your daily life. Contact us today to get started!

Don't Move—Transform Your Current Home Into Your Dream Home

BEFORE: A one-story Denver home before an H&H popup second story
AFTER: The same home after a seamless H&H popup second-story addition

Some features of your home might be pushing you toward a move you don’t really want to make—away from a neighborhood you love, away from family and friends, or farther from work and your favorite outdoor spots.

  • Not enough space
  • No master bathroom
  • Tiny closets
  • Cramped quarters
  • Dark rooms

But there’s good news—with a Design/Build structural remodel from H & H Builders, you can turn your existing home into your dream home.

Reimagine your floor plan, add a second story, create a new master suite, or expand the garage—remodel your home and stay right where you are!

Structural Remodeling vs. Cosmetic Remodeling

BEFORE: A Denver home before an H&H popup second story
AFTER: The same home after an award-winning H&H popup second-story addition

Adding new living space to your home or revamping your floor plan demands more than simple cosmetic remodeling—you need a remodeler who understands structural remodeling.

Structural remodeling is making changes to your home that add or remove load-bearing elements like walls, beams, posts, and foundations. The problem is, many contractors aren’t equipped to handle structural remodeling.

H & H Builders is the only Denver-area residential remodeling company owned by a structural engineer. Your remodeling options are only limited by your imagination!

Our Free 2-Year Warranty Gives You Peace of Mind

An award-winning second-story addition and whole-house remodel in Longmont

A Warranty 2× the Industry Average 

At H & H Builders, we stand by our work. That’s why we offer a free 2-year warranty—two times what you can expect from other companies. 

With that kind of guarantee, you can rest easy while we transform your home and improve your life.

Contact us to learn more! 

Our Metro Denver Design/Build Remodeling Services

Our Design/Build process is available in these six areas:

  • Whole House Remodeling
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Accessible Remodeling
  • Structural Remodeling
  • Historic Remodeling
  • Additions & Popups
A home addition in Golden

Here’s What Clients Are Saying About H & H Builders

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1 2 3 4 5 “We live in an old house and this was a big undertaking for us, so we didn’t know what was possible or what to expect. The knowledge and experience on the team really made us feel feel comfortable with moving forward on our project.”—Eric S., Denver

1 2 3 4 5 “We have already recommended H&H to others.”—Roger W., Denver

1 2 3 4 5 “If I have work I need done in the future, I’ll turn to H&H again because I can trust that at the end of the day I’m going to end up with high-quality work, and that they will finish the project in a timely fashion.”—Will M., Denver

1 2 3 4 5 “I was 100% happy and satisfied with the entire process of working with H&H Builders. I trusted their integrity and very much appreciated their communication style. I am thrilled with how my project turned out and would use them again for any future projects.”—Verified Customer, Denver

1 2 3 4 5 “Pride and quality of work were outstanding. The design was very well thought through and the difficulty of remodeling a 1937 Tudor presented challenges that most contractors would have struggled with and H&H seemed well equipped to manage.”—Verified Customer, Denver

1 2 3 4 5 “They helped us understand what it was going to cost. We knew that there are always surprises, and they helped us through that as well. Also, they helped us with the design phase. I didn’t know what I wanted in some instances, and they came up with some great ideas.”—Verified Customer, Aurora

1 2 3 4 5 “H & H Builders took a tiny, two bedroom, one car garage house and transformed it into a mini-mansion. I did not think it could be done, but I absolutely love my house!”—Verified Customer, Lakewood

Industry Certifications

  • Certified Lead-Safe Firm by the U.S. EPA
  • Member of the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver
  • Certified Graduate Remodeler by the National Association of Home Builders
  • Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist by the National Association of Home Builders
  • A+ rated by the Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Lead Safe Certification
Home Builders Association of Metro Denver
Certified Graduate Remodelor
Certified Aging In Place Specialist
BBB Accredited Business

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